Ads Based on
your Inventory

Promoting and optimizing your campaigns based on current Sales Promotions, Product Demand, and Inventory Levels. RLC Media develops campaigns that dynamically adjust to your business.

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Automated Inventory Bidding

By integrating our automated ppc solutions, RLC Media allows you to trigger your ads and keywords based on your current inventory levels and product demand - allowing you to advertise only when your product is in stock and at the best possible time while reducing wasteful spending

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Our approach to PPC allows you to promote your business at the best time, to the most qualified consumers, and in the most cost efficient way possible.

Bids are Optimized by Product and Inventory.

Bids can be increased or decreased based on reaching a defined inventory level or sales launch and reduces oversupply before products need to go on sale.


Promoting and optimizing your campaigns based on product demand and sales promotions

We optimize using inventory integration. Our Intelligent Digital Communications will pause keywords and ads immediately for items no longer available, insert price and promotion in your ads, and even increase bids on overstock product. Increasing relevancy in your ads by displaying current sales and promotions, stock levels, and sales dates.


Common Triggers

- Pause campaigns when item is Out of Stock

- Increase bids on items over 20% in stock

- Increase bids on sales promotion and soon ending sales

- Activate keywords and campaigns when in-stock

- Activate sales countdown on promoted items

Optimizing ANY product promotion, sales specials, or inventory conditions

Start increasing your ROI and Conversions by utilizing your inventory and sales promotions today

Ads Based on
the Weather.

Creating and managing ad campaigns based on local Weather Conditions increases relevancy and ROI. RLC Media develops campaigns that dynamically adjust to temperature, rain, sun, and more!

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