RLC Media helped Gogig define a target audience and implemented audience segmentation to most effectively driving engagement, interactions, downloads, and users to the GoGig app.



As is the case with many new products and services, GoGig knew that it needed expert help in their efforts to increase the revenue and user downloads they generated through paid digital marketing efforts in the highly competitive mobile app space. GoGig had created an on-demand job placement app with unlimited potential, but a small amount of users, and required guidance in attracting high-value candidates in order to more effectively invest its multi-channel marketing dollars.

Working with available customer and advertising data sets, RLC Media conducted in-depth analyses of target audiences—account managers, business developers, sales, and internet technology—through the App Store, keywords, and general targeting. One such avenue for analysis and effective retargeting was TrueView video ads, an interactive way to engage customers on YouTube and across the web. The video campaign for GoGig was originated and managed in AdWords to drive ads for the app on YouTube and across video partner sites to reach particular job openings segmented according to demographics, interests, and topics. Ultimately, the video campaign successfully drove a 17.89% interaction rate, more than 48,300 views, and 174  additional app downloads and engagement to the GoGig platform.




  • Paid App Engagement
  • Organic Growth in App Downloads
  • Firebase Analytics & Attribution


GoGig now has valuable customer insights and predictive data to identify attributes that drive user installs across multiple digital channels, namely the use of highly-targeted display ads through AdWords. With over 400-500 app downloads per week, RLC Media continues to refine strategies to obtain the lowest cost per install for the highest return and user engagement for apps and platforms just like GoGig.

“RLC Media knows how I think. I sleep well knowing they are on the job. Amazing dedication to our account at all levels.”

-Betsy Petrovick
Ecommerce Director & Consultant

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