Imada collaborated with RLC Media to increase revenue and site engagement in organic traffic to generate a lifetime value base of loyal customers


Imada uniquely produces durable and precise force and torque measurement instruments for a variety of industries from aerospace to automotive. Facing an established competition vying for in-demand targeted keywords and a low presence in search results, Imada turned to RLC Media for SEO ranking optimizations and a new SEM strategy.

RLC Media’s customized campaigns built a robust backlink inventory to drive organic searches and focused on Imada’s most relevant keywords to improve page rankings. An optimized AdWords strategy also drove an 82% increase in total conversions for the site in the first month of management while decreasing total ad spend by 58.31%. 




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Since RLC Media instituted an organic and paid digital strategy, traffic and subsequent conversions have continued to increase. Imada’s year-over-year return on investment has surged from an estimated organic traffic of 687 in October 2016 to 1,868 in September 2017 through targeted keywords and on-page optimizations.

User engagement metrics also showed impressive growth year over year between 2016 and 2017 under RLC Media’s strategic marketing. Average session duration increased by 89.73% from 1 minute and 29 seconds to 2 minutes and 59 seconds, pages per session increased by 58.02% from an average of 2.43 pages to 3.84 pages, and the bounce rate decreased from 59.79% to 37.7%. Based on the success of RLC Media’s streamlined campaigns and effective SEO, Imada was able to decrease its advertising budget year-over-year without compromising results.

RLC Media did a great job understanding what we wanted and then helped us to understand exactly what we needed. They are very responsive and easy to communicate with.

American Community Bank of Indiana

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