The RLC Media team expanded on-page and off-page organic optimizations, refined conversion tracking for paid campaigns and restructured Urban Accents’ keyword campaigns in order to drive more clicks and conversions.



When the company began experiencing a decrease in organic traffic growth, they turned to the RLC Media team to optimize site performance and restructure their data-tracking strategies. To drive organic traffic to Urban Accents’ site, RLC Media initiated on and off-page SEO campaigns, focusing on meta tag management, building a robust backlink inventory and indexing the site on Search Console to verify and crawl it on Google Search. Intensive keyword research also aided the implementation of individualized product-type campaigns that drove a 16% revenue increase and 33.15% sessions increase from organic traffic within the first month.




  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Search Management
  • Strategy


Organic optimizations produced not only increased site traffic but tangible revenue growth with a 5.19% increase in overall transactions and a 20.50% increase in revenue-producing organic traffic. Initial goals to improve site engagement and organic traffic achieved key YoY results: sessions increased 46.86% and bounce rate improved.

After modifying Urban Accents’ conversion tracking and on-page attribution modeling for paid campaigns, RLC Media was able to restructure ad groups in order to upgrade campaign quality scores and average CPCs. The result was a 170% increase in clicks, 63% improvement in average position, and a 156% increase in conversions YoY.

“RLC Media knows how I think. I sleep well knowing they are on the job. Amazing dedication to our account at all levels.”

-Betsy Petrovick
Ecommerce Director & Consultant

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